Our philosophy: language, nature, sports and music


Language is one of the basic pillars at Kita am See; your child is an equal interlocutor with us. We offer childcare by native speakers in English and German. 

Playing, explaining and narrating is done in normal everyday situations, allowing children to explore new languages autonomously, through play. New language is learned most successfully in small groups, rather than through traditional methods; the mother tongue does not suffer, but is enriched by the acquisition of another language. Cognitive abilities have been shown to develop comparably better for children who are raised in a multilingual rather than a monolingual setting.

Children who grow up within multilingual surroundings will continue to live comfortably and naturally in multicultural environments. Multilingualism does not overburden children, but opens their mind and strengthens their senses. Interacting with others in a multicultural setting gives children a flexible spirit and strengthens their powers of observation.

Therefore at Kita am See we offer your child a natural multilingual environment beginning at the crèche stage. Acquiring an additional language is easier for children the earlier they start, ideally before their first birthday. Our children are born as “linguistic cosmopolitans”.



At Kita am See we discover the secrets of nature and the joy of a healthy lifestyle alongside our children. We spend time outdoors daily and in almost every weather, exploring our surroundings together. During excursions we look at animals, big and small, and in spring we create little garden beds, then weed and harvest them ourselves. By doing this, we live in rhythm with the seasons and learn to consciously treat nature’s resources with respect and care.

Running and playing outside is essential for building a healthy immune system. We satisfy children’s need for movement with both outdoor and indoor games. In our kitchen we use many regional organic products: lots of fresh fruits and vegetables, wholeweat food, and meat from Swiss farms. These foods and our practices influence children’s tastebuds right from the start.

The daily routine is both regular and balanced. Our transparent schedule, with alternating active and quiet phases, gives children security and helps them develop a sense of what is good and healthy. We teach children to take responsibility for their own good health.



Regular participation in physical activity is important for young children, not only to prevent excess weight gain and avoid chronic health problems, but also to promote optimal physical, social, and psychological development. Physical activity is vital for a child’s development and lays the foundation for a healthy and active life.

Our sports program is designed to foster the development of good physical activity habits early on in life, and to encourage families to engage in regular physical activity.

We offer a wide choice of play-based, physically active learning experiences that link to children’s interests, abilities, identity and prior ability.



We love music. Our children drum with fascination on pots and cans, clap along happily to music and sway to the beat; sing, babbling and humming to different melodies. We integrate music naturally into our everyday lives; when brushing our teeth, playing, walking, rocking a child to sleep with a song, listening to great music together, and in our weekly English Music Class. We sing international songs and play along with instruments. 

Our music class offers children an educational movement and music experience, where they can sing, laugh, giggle, clap, dance and bounce. In order to introduce your child to a variety of different tonal and rhythmic meters, we sing along to a multicultural musical selection; our program helps children to develop linguistic, social, emotional, and physical skills.