Tageshort Big Birds

Our offer

With much love and attention we accompany the children throughout the day, while the educators speak either English or German. Our hoard is an open hoard. The children experience themselves in the afternoon as a community and maintain cross-class friendships.

With various offers, we give the children the opportunity to explore nature, different materials and contexts. This in their own tempo and according to their interests. Our weekly activities include exploring our enviroment. We want to experience nature with all senses and get to know the plants and animals in their environment. We also visit the post office, the bakery, the library or watch a snail with lots of time.

Movement is important to us, therefore, we have every week a variety of sports activities. This includes exercises with rhythm material, ball games, trail, sensory experiences and diverse movement games.  The children will also have a lot of fun at our climbing and wall bars. 

Doing the homework is an integral part of our daily routine. The children do their homework in peace and if necessary assisted by an educator. We use high-quality Montessori material to assist the children in a deeper understanding of the cosmos, math, language, geography and biology.

A close cooperation with parents is important to us. Your needs and wishes are always taken seriously and individual solutions in the interest of the child are sought.

In addition to the normal opening hours during school days our hoard Big Birds is even open during the school holidays and school training days from 6:45 a.m. - 7:00 p.m. During the holidays or school holidays we provide a special program. There are trips made or special workshops are offered.


We offer:

 Shuttle Service for kindergarten and school children

 Lunch and afternoon snack

 Homework assistence

 Guided activities or material work

 Daily outdoor activities



Lunch table

We emphasize on a varied, healthy and seasonal diet. The children take together their meals and experience family togetherness. After lunch, there is the "quiet time" in which the children can process their experiences of the day and have a rest. Special eating habits and allergies will be taken into consideration.


Vacation activities

In the holiday weeks, we offer funny trips and special themes (e.g. sports, nature, dance, farm, circus, cooking, fire department, etc.). More information is available under Vacation camps for everybody!